Chess champs

The world's top chess players have been competing in London for the right to challenge for the world title. We're speaking to John Saunders, the Associate Editor of CHESS Magazine.

Tech news: the Bitcoin boom

Peter Griffin with bit and bytes from the hi tech world. This week, we look at the digital currency, Bitcoin.

Naked Science

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith. This week, decoding what people see in their dreams. Also a new insomnia drug without all the nasty side effects of sleeping pills.

Global leather

How can so many leather goods be made from Italian leather when there's hardly any cows in Italy?! Well lots of it comes from Brazil and we speak to Lucy Siegle who's visited the cattle capital of South America.

Kaimoana: Kingfish

With Rachel Taulelei of Yellow Brick Road.

Sticky mussels

Mussels have an incredible ability to cling onto rocks. Now Professor Herbert Waite of University College Santa Barbara wants to use its chemical secrets to create glues and patches to stop internal bleeding.


Why Qatar is investing in everything from football teams to flashy new buildings in London. Jane Kinninmont is a Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House in London.