Edible geography

The New York City 'soda ban' gets overturned. Also redemption canners, and the sound of fatty food with Nicola Twilley of ediblegeography.com.


Norwegians are mad about firewood! There's a TV show marking National Firewood Night, and a bestselling book Hel Ved or 'Solid Wood: All About Chopping, Drying and Stacking Wood - and the Soul of Wood-Burning'. We're speaking to Hel Ved's author, Lars Mytting.

Tech news

Bits and bytes from the hi tech world with Charles Arthur. Twitter is moving into music, and what your Facebook 'likes' can say about you as a person.

Birds: Kereru

The kereru, or New Zealand pigeon, with birdman Hugh Robertson.

Open source living

Sam Muirhead is living his life for a year using open source principles. He's making his own adjustable underwear and tries 3D printing some new furniture.

Plant power and bees

How plants talk to bees using electricity. Bright colours, nectar, and also electrical charges play a part in pollination. With Dr Heather Whitney of the University of Bristol.