NZ's deepest lake

Our deepest lake is officially Lake Hauroko in Fiordland at an ear-popping 462 metres. Now some irregular depth readings are surfacing at Lake Manapouri. Neil Collinson is the Operations Manager of Real Journeys based in Te Anau.

Insurance phone-in

We're answering your questions after last week's story on changes to home insurance policies from 'total replacement' to 'sum insured' cover. With Suzanne Wolton, AA Insurance's Head of Distribution and Customer Relations, and Iain Opray of the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman Scheme.

Undersea life

The idea of being able to live, travel and work under the oceans has always had a special place in the popular imagination. Ben Hellwarth is the author of "Sealab: America's Forgotten Quest To Live And Work On The Ocean Floor".

Naked Science: buzzy bees and bendy batteries

Dr Chris Smith beams in with the latest science news from around the planet. This week, bendy batteries and an amazing study showing that plants are attracting bees by lacing their nectar with caffeine...what a buzz!

Tech news: Dotcom and Ultra HD TVs

Peter Griffin on a fresh twist in the Kim Dotcom saga and the recent launch of Ultra HD TVs; so is this a new product that consumers really need?

Athlete's Foot

It's smelly, flaky and lives between your toes... causes and remedies for athlete's foot with Jeff Lowe, who's a GP at Karori Medical Centre.