Grapefruit and medicine

Why eating grapefruit or drinking it's juice with some medicines can be seriously bad for your health. Canadian clinical pharmacologist David Bailey made the initial discovery about the interaction more than 20 years ago. Now he's updating the advice to include loads of new drugs.

The bullet business

Joanna Pearlstein of Wired on the business of bullets. 80 people die every day from gunshot wounds in the USA. While attention focusses on US gun ownership laws, America's huge ammunition industry is largely overlooked.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith on why sleep deprivation makes you fat, and 3D vision on a mobile phone- without any glasses!

Virtual fences

Dean M. Anderson is working on invisible 'virtual fencing' uses a mix of GPS and electric shocks to keep your stock where you want them.

CITES: Green Gecko

The CITES conference in Bangkok has just increased protection to stop the international trade in New Zealand's endangered green gecko. Hugh Robertson was there.

Tech news

Peter Griffin beams in with latest news from the world of technology. This week, the death of Google Reader; we ask why it's died and look at some of the alternatives.