Walmart in India

Anu Anand reports from India, where foreign supermarkets Walmart and Tesco get the all clear to open for business. Plus people cash in bangles, rings and necklaces from India's huge gold reserves.

Social jetlag

Till Roenneberg's a German sleep scientist who reckons blackout curtains, computer screens, and artificial lighting are all shifting us away from the natural lighting cycle of sunrise and sunset.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith beams in with the latest sciencey stuff; this week, using snake venom to relieve pain and making healthy eggs out of stem cells.

Tech news

Peter Griffin's here with bits and bytes from the hi tech world. Two Trade Me competitors score an epic fail this week, plus Facebook's rolls out its 'promote your post' service.


What makes people sing along to certain songs? Music buff Alisun Pawley studies sing-along-ability.


'Tis the season to be sniffly, sneezy and red-eyed! Dr Lynn McBain explores what hayfever is, and what you can do about it.

Open source living

Sam Muirhead is an expat Kiwi based in Berlin, living a year of open source. It's getting challenging as Sam hunts for an open source video camera and soap to keep his clothes clean and smelling fresh!