Madeline Brozen of the Complete Streets Initiative wants to turn car parking spaces into mini green public areas called parklets.

Safer Streets

Australian David Engwicht is on a crusade to make our cities and our public spaces safer and more social.

Birds: Kingfisher

Hugh Robertson stalks the kingfisher.

KiwiSaver 3: Retirement

How much cash do you really need for your retirement? With Chris Douglas of Morningstar Australasia and Pushpa Wood of Massey University.

Drunk speech

Professor Keith Johnson is a linguist at the University of California Berkeley. He analyses voice recordings to tell if people are drunk and worked as an expert witness on the Exxon Valdez case, where an oil tanker ran aground in Alaska 23 years ago.

Tech news

Charles Arthur beams in with the latest from the technology world. This week should Twitter and Facebook have to do more to moderate the content on their social networks? Plus the future of the world wide web- it's called hyper text mark up language 5- or HTML 5 for short!