Cheese smugglers

Large-scale cross-border cheese smuggling in Canada! Dave Seglins is a reporter and host at CBC Radio News.


Minecraft's the computer game where you mine for stuff and then make things out of virtual blocks. With Minecraft devotees Stella and Lukas and Gus Mastrapa of Wired.

KiwiSaver 2: Performance

How do you measure how your KiwiSaver fund is doing? And what can you do if you're not happy with your rate of return? With Chris Douglas of Morningstar Australasia and Amanda Morrall of

Naked Science

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith. This week, the scientific basis for all those glass half full people who look on the bright side of life. Also why do eunuchs live longer?

Folding Cars

Cars that fold up when you park them are being touted as a solution to many urban transport woes. Steve Ashley's been looking at folding cars for the BBC and the New York Times.

UK news: Badger Cull

Anna-Louise Taylor on English plans to hunt down and kill thousands of badgers, and an ambitious internet-based plan to save threatened high street shops.

Tech news

Charles Arthur beams in with the latest tech news. This week, Apple's decision to ditch Google Maps on the new iPhone 5, and the irresistible rise of the solid state drive.