Lance Armstrong

According to ex-pro cyclist Paul Kimmage, 86 percent of Tour de France winners over the past 40 years have been implicated in doping! He looks at the Lance Armstrong case and what's going to happen with his seven Tour de France titles.

Tech news

Peter Griffin with the latest news on the ultrafast broadband network. Also, is Kim Dotcom about to launch Megaupload 2? And has your anti-virus software killed your computer with a dodgy update?

India media block

Anu Anand lives in India where the government has blocked web sites, told Google and Facebook to delete content, threatened to sue Twitter and limited the number of texts anyone can send.

Open Source

Sam Muirhead's a New Zealander living in Berlin who's living an open source life for a year. This week he's making open source undies, drinking open source beer, while trying to surf the open source internet for open source music!

The Soup Hub

The Soup Hub's like a soup kitchen ladling out free access to computers and the internet for the homeless and the needy. With founder Sibylle Schwarz, volunteers Gaelyn Douglas and Don O'Neill, and job hunters Priscilla, Patch and Joe.

TB team

Joshua Leibstein is part of a team from the University of Johannesburg that's developed a way to detect tuberculosis using digital technology.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith beams in with the latest science news. This week, gait expectations- why some horses are better at pacing or dressage than others? Also, why do older father pass on lots more genetic mutations to their children?