Bee genetics

Peter Dearden of Otago University is trying to save the honeybee in New Zealand using selective breeding and genetics.

Roadkill science

According to Mark Rober, 6 percent of drivers will intentionally swerve to hit a small animal on the road. Also Bob Brockie is New Zealand's foremost roadkill observer.

Tech news

Charles Arthur beams in with the latest tech news. This week, the jury decides the Apple v Samsung court case in the US. Plus Twitter gets twitchy and stops third parties from accessing its database.

NBA shirt sponsorship

Basketball's about to become the first major US sport to give advertisers the right to put their logos on playing shirts. We speak to Paul Swangard, who's a sports marketing specialist at The University of Oregon.


Using cheap off-the-shelf technology to protect dementia sufferers' memories. We speak to Nur Nadiah Binte Zailani and the team behind DARE- or the Dementia Assistance and Recall Engine.

US dance music scene

We look at the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene in the US with music writer and critic Simon Reynolds.

Viral Peace

The US state department is training trolls (the ones with laptops not the ones who live under bridges and like eating goats!) to combat terrorism. Shahed Amunallah has set up Viral Peace and works for the US State Department.