Bikini Ban

Bikinis have been banned from the upcoming Miss Italy competition. Also the smell of cash is being used to catch people smuggling money over the border. Tom Kington lives in Italy and writes for The Guardian.

Hero rats

Bart Weetjens of APOPO is training giant rats in Africa to sniff out landmines.

Tech news

Tech correspondent Peter Griffin on how Google's search results are getting tweaked to punish alleged copyright infringers. Plus the new wave of social networks; could paid-for or invite-only social networks be the way of the future?


A user's guide to lightning. So what causes lightning and what should you do when you get caught in a thunderstorm? With Metservice extreme weather forecaster Erick Brenstrum.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith beams in with more naked science. This week, using DNA to store data, and a revolutionary way to rebuild the retina.

Browning onions

Many recipes say you can caramelise onions in about 10 minutes. But can you really?! We put the claims to the test with chef and restaurateur Julie Clark.


Hon Weng Chong and before that Andrew Lin from Stethocloud are young Aussie inventors using smartphone technology to diagnose pneumonia.