Dementia village

A radical new way to care for dementia suffers is being trialled in the Netherlands. Jon Henley of The Guardian has just visited the care home on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Birds: Blackbird

Birdman Hugh Robertson on one of our flying early settlers, the blackbird.

Sip and puff sailing

'Sip and puff' technology is helping people with spinal cord injuries to sail. With Brendan Tourelle and John Cranch of Sailability Auckland.

Driverless cars

Dr. Eddy Llaneras of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute is principal investigator of a study backed by the US government, looking how drivers behave and what they do when they aren't actually in full control of their vehicle.

History of Anaesthesia

It would be unthinkable nowadays to have an operation without the option of some kind of anaesthetic. How times have changed! With Waikato DHB anaesthetist Aidan O'Donnell, the author of 'Anaesthesia: A Very Short Introduction' (Oxford University Press).

Safer driving

James McNamara of CleverMiles is one of a team of Irish inventors is using a mix of onboard sensors and a clever algorithm to measure how well you're driving your car.

Tech news

Charles Arthur beams in with technology news, and all sorts of new handsets are about to hit the market in time for Christmas. Ho ho ho!