Watery tomato

Harry Klee, a tomato researcher from the University of Florida, is on the hunt for the perfect tasting tomato.

Refugee bikes

Recycling old bicyles for new residents of Aotearoa. With Faisal, Diana Swarbrick, Arif Saeid and Priscilla Pawson from Refugees as Survivors.

Thermo-electric clothing

From phones to cameras, soon we could be recharging our electronic gizmos using the heat from our bodies. Corey Hewitt of Wake Forest University is working with Professor Alan Kaiser of Victoria University on the innovation.

Smart cars

Stewart Wang is the Director of the International Center for Automotive Medicine at the University of Michigan. He's wants to use in-car sensors to instantly tell emergency services about your possible injuries if you crash, and before they arrive on the scene.

Puff Pastry

We roll and fold our way to perfect homemade puff pastry. Baker and chef Julie Clark knows the tricks of the trade.

TR10 Emerging Technologies part 2

Looking at some of the world's top emerging technologies with Jason Pontin, the editor-in-chief of the Technology Review.