Imagine Cup

We're off to the Imagine Cup in Sydney, the largest student technology competition in the world. Jade Tan of the New Zealand team shows us Mobile Eye, using cellphones to help blind people see.


Jeff Lowe of Karori Medical Centre can remove warts! So what is a wart, why do we get them, and will they go away if left untreated?

Olympic catering

The great Olympic catering challenge is about to start in London. Also for the Muslim competitors it's Ramadan just before the games, so how will they cope with no food or drink in the lead-up? Chris Parkin reports from the UK.

Tech news: Vodafone/TelstraClear deal

Peter Griffin on Vodafone's plans to buy Telstra Clear; so what does it mean for consumers? Plus the TPPA or the Trans Pacific Partership Agreement is being negotiated behind closed doors, and our copyright laws could be in for more changes.

Food networks

József Baranyi is using mathematics to map our ever-more-complex food networks. His aim is to improve our response to food safety scares.

Naked Science

Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. This week, how humans and animals use magnetic fields to navigate, how human cells can tell what time it is, and can you tell if someone is lying by watching their eyes?

Dental sensors

Manu Sebastian Mannoor is working on smart teeth. He's trying to implant sensors in our teeth that can tell when you need a visit to the dentists, if you have a stomach ulcer, or even if you have cancer.