Online dating in China

Evan Osnos has been looking at the online dating scene in China.

Caspian Sea yoghurt

Deb Gully shows us how to make yoghurt at room temperature without a kitset in sight.

Extreme biking

We speak to Kiwi cycling record-breaker Oliver Whalley. He's just won the Tour Divide, an ultra cycling event that crosses the US and Canada, smashing the course record by almost 2 days!

Eat Dirt!

Eat more dirt! That's what Jeff Leach wants us to do. He's an archaeologist and science writer who reckons that a dearth of good bacteria in our guts is contributing to autoimmune disorders.


A new brainscanning device called the iBrain can be used at home while you sleep, with no clusters of wires, electrodes and hospital visits. We're speaking to the iBrain's inventor, Phillip Low.

Tech news

Technology time with Charles Arthur of The Guardian. This week Google keeps branching out from search engines and online tools into hardware, launching a new tablet computer called the Nexus 7.