Professor Geoff Marcy is the new head of SETI@home. He's leading the search for extraterrestrial life using a distributed computer network of over 3 million users.

dGalaxy Zoo is an army of amateur astronomers using digital technology to map the universe. With Tim Adams of The Observer.

Telescope buyers' guide

If you're keen to get into a bit of stargazing yourself we've got a telescope buyers' guide with John Field of the Carter Observatory.

Tech news: Microsoft Surface

Bits and bytes from the hi tech world with our regular tech head Peter Griffin. This week, lots of noise about a new tablet computer from Microsoft called the Surface. Plus Facebook considers opening up to the under 13s.

Anger Room

The Anger Room's a facility where you pay to smash stuff up, all in the name of stress relief. Donna Alexander is its founder and co-owner.

Spain olive oil woes

Stephen Burgen reports from Spain where olive oil producers are getting forced out of business as competition and a supermarket price war pushes prices down.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith beams in with the latest science news. This week, gut microbes, growing blood vessels from stem cells, and how one plant makes sure its seeds get spat out rather than eaten.