The science of salt

The advice that salt is bad for us and that we should limit how much of it we eat is one of the key public health messages out there. But does the science behind all these warnings really stack up? Science writer Gary Taubes doesn't think so.

Kaimoana: Mussels

We're steaming mussels with Rachel Taulelei. The green-lipped mussel is our largest seafood export; it's shipped to more than 70 countries around the world and tastes great!

Ketchup liberation

A question that's perplexed civilisations since the dawn of time. How do you get the last bit of tomato sauce out of the bottle? Now Dave Smith thinks he's found the answer. He's one of the inventors of a coating called LiquiGlide.

Painkiller abuse

World football's governing body FIFA is warning players about abusing painkillers. Loads of players are doing it but FIFA's worried about the long-term effects on their health. Matt McGrath is a science reporter with the BBC World Service.


Gout is a condition that affects more than 100,000 New Zealanders. We look at what causes it and the latest treatments with GP Dr Don Simmers.

Tech news

The Guardian's technology editor Charles Arthur beams in with the latest from the world of technology. This week, the rush to get top level domain names like .app, .book and .baby. Also Apple cosies up to Facebook and takes on Google Maps.