Ancient herd

There are 1.5 billion cattle living on the planet today, all descended from a single herd of wild ox. Geneticist Professor Mark Thomas of University College London was on the team making the discovery.

Gore-tex storm

How Gore-Tex has climbed to the top of the outdoor rainwear sector. Mike Kessler of Outside magazine knows his waterproof-yet-breathable fabrics!

Linux goes mainstream

Why are a million people a day turning to Linux, the free and open operating system started 20 years ago by a Finnish student? Glyn Moody is a technology writer, and has written about Linux in his book 'Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution'.

Pedestrian Behaviour

How pedestrians move on the street is valuable information for planning big events and managing congestion. Mehdi Moussaid of the Max Planck Institute in Berlin is studying pedestrian behaviour, and how it can be used to design safer cities.

Traditions preserved: Croatian Salami

We make traditional salami kobasica with Milan Malivuk of Little Wolf.

Italian mega-tunnel

The tunnel project that aims to connect the French city of Lyon with Turin. John Hooper is based in Italy.