The Science of Yoga

From bikram to iyengar, can yoga really help you to lose weight, get fit and relax? We speak to award-winning science journalist William Broad.

Broadband plans

Peter Griffin our technology correspondent is here with news that the first offender has been three-striked for downloading copyrighted material from the internet. Also why are our broadband plans getting faster with bigger caps, but not any cheaper?


Eels make an amazing journey from their spawning grounds in the Pacific to the rivers and lakes of New Zealand. With Rachel Taulelei.


Tracking eyeballs and other facial gestures gives powerful insights into what you're thinking when you're staring at a screen. John Villasenor is a professor of electrical engineering at UCLA.

Beijing Bikes

Beijing and bicycles used to go together like Venice and the gondola. But consumerism and urban sprawl has seen the number of people cycling plummet to record lows. Dr. Jinhua Zhao is studying the effects of China's urban development.