Community bike workshops

Community bike workshops are opening up all over the globe. With Stephanie, Eric, Rosie and John from Mechanical Tempest in Wellington and Simon Boddy of the Pignon Sur Rue association in Lyon.

That's Disgusting!

Psychologist Rachel Herz's new book explores disgust, and why some things make us go yuck!

Ugly models apply here

A model agency for the aesthetically challenged in London. It's called the Ugly Model Agency and Chris Parkin went for an audition.

Food forests

Seattle's Beacon Food Forest is set to become the biggest food forest in the US. It's a 7 acre space in downtown Seattle and uses a forest ecosystem to grow fresh produce for people to forage. Jacqueline Cramer is one of the coordinators.

Digital TV

The switchover to digital TV starts in September. We ask Hamish Wilson from what kit you'll need.

Spices: Allspice

Alison Sandle's here with a pottle of allspice. It really is the four-wheel-drive of spices, a bit like nutmeg, hints of pepper and cinnamon, and great as a marinade.