Wooden skyscrapers

Canadian architect Michael Green is planning to build a 30 storey building out of wood.

Quickflix and iPad 3

Technology correspondent Peter Griffin on the launch of the online streaming media service Quickflix and why Apple is offering refunds to iPad 3 buyers in Australia.


A blokart's a small, portable land sailing vehicle designed right here in New Zealand. We have a go and chat with Ian Timperley who's heading off to the blokarting world champs.

Smelly food

A simple way to reduce your food intake by 5 to 10 percent. New research shows that strong smelling, aromatic foods mean you reduce your bite size and feel fuller sooner! With Marchel Gorselink of Wageningen University in The Netherlands.

Birds: Black swan

We're stalking black swans with birdman Hugh Robertson.

Names and disfluency

How easy a name is to pronounce can have an important impact on future success. Adam Alter of New York University's Stern School of Business started studying the link between a stock's name and how it traded back in 2005.

Chinese eco-city

We're off to China where Malcolm Moore's just been visiting the world's largest eco-city. Plus the government crackdown on the social networking site, Sina Weibo.

Naked Science

More of the latest science news with Dr Chris Smith; what fossilised raindrops nearly 3 billion years old can tell us about the earth's climate and scientists reveal the secret behind van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'.