UK news

Chris Parkin beams in from the UK where the worst drought in 30 years is creating problems for the organisers of the Olympics and also threatening wildlife.

Making cheese: paneer

We're making cheese at home with Wendy Adams. This week, paneer, it's simple, tasty, and fun to make.

Greek economy

Jon Henley's just been to Greece where massive tax hikes and slashed salaries have seen Greek consumers try to establish a cashless economy. Plus the 'potato movement'; towns and villages are collectively buying spuds direct from farmers.

Naked Science

More Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. This week, the camera that can see round corners, a new tool to predict heart attacks, and how your guts can tell what's good and bad for you.

The perfect flytrap

Professor Phil Koehler is studying what colours flies like. He's doing work for the US military in the quest to design the perfect flytrap (and he thinks he's found the answer!).

Interactive newspaper

The interactive newspaper's basically a bit of paper that can play music, audio clips, or even emit smells. Paul Egglestone from the University of Central Lancashire's just been presenting the idea to the SXSW Festival in Texas.

Instore technology

Stephanie Clifford of the New York Times has been looking at how bricks and mortar stores are embracing instore technology.