Demon Fish

Why would someone spend more than $60,000 for a fin of a basking shark? Asia's appetite for shark fin soup sees millions of sharks killed every year, we speak to Juliet Eilperin author of 'Demon Fish, travels through the hidden world of sharks'.

Football goal line tech

Rugby has the video ref, cricket the third umpire and now football's lawmakers are about to choose if goal line technology will be part of the game. Sports Journalist Richard Conway has been looking at the final 2 systems under consideration.

Airplane food

Jad Mouawad from the New York Times about the science and economics of airplane food, and why do people drink so much tomato juice when flying?

Tech news with Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin looks at Raspberry Pi, the $45 computer that is aimed at making computer programming simple and accessible for children plus the latest on rumours that the Square Kilometre Array Telescope is not going to be built in NZ and Australia, and what this means.

Kaimoana: Salmon

Rachel Taulelei from Yellowbrick road on the pink tasty farmed fish that's high in omega 3 fatty acid, the Salmon.


In the pursuit of flow, a state that real experts achieve when they're in the zone, Sally Addee from the New Scientist puts her brain to the test in a lab in California where she was hooked up to electrodes and sent off into virtual reality.