Lytro camera review

Sam Grobart from the New York Times reviews the latest photographic technology, the Lytro camera, that allows you to focus the picture after you've captured the image!

3D Printing

We're playing with a 3D printer, and exploring how this technology is changing the way people design and make things. Plus we speak to the co-founder of

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith beams in with the latest science news, and this week a new study that links social class to manners plus eating fruit and vegetables to attract a mate.

Recycling surgical implants

Recycling metal surgical implants - everything from hips and knees.

Short crust pastry

We're making short crust pastry with Julie Clarke from Floriditas, plus we taste test homemade versus store bought pastry - the results will truly shock you.

Safe ladders have tested 16 step ladders on the market and none, yes none of them got their tick!

Ancient Remedies

Alain Touwaide from The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions at the Smithsonian hopes their database of ancient remedies will be used by the pharmaceutical industry in developing treatments for the future.