Dark Market: cybercrime and you

Misha Glenny, the author of 'Dark Market: Cyberthieves, Cybercops and You'.

Birds: Harriers

Harriers with bird expert Hugh Robertson.

China: Great Wall and underground rail

The Great Wall is falling down, and there's plans to build the world's biggest metro system. Malcolm Moore of The Daily Telegraph lives and works in Shanghai.

Airdrop irrigation

Ed Linnacre from Swinburne University in Australia's just won the James Dyson Award for his Airdrop irrigation system.

Home Brewing 4: clean beer

Cleaning and sterilising your equipment properly is really important for brewing. Mike Neilson of the Tuatara Brewery oversees a commercial brewery producing one million litres of beer a year.

Living pesticides

Fighting dengue fever by breeding mosquitos that kill their own children! Henry Nicholls has been writing about so-called 'living pesticides' for the New Scientist.