Happy campers

We join the 'campers'; they're a growing section of the workforce who move around the country in their campervans and mobile homes picking and packing fresh produce. With lots of campers…and Geoff Lewis of Tendertips asparagus farm near Levin.

Digital death

Stacey Pitsillides is one of the conference organisers for the Digital Death Day conference held in Amsterdam last week. It looked at some of the uneasy tensions between our digital lives and what happens to all this information after death.

Fake whisky detector

A team from a Scottish university's developed a laser scanner to make sure your whisky is the real article and not counterfeit. With Kishan Dholakia from the University of St Andrews.

Home Brewing 6: the big mash up

Yeastie Boy Stu McKinlay mashes up his all-grain Australian Pale Ale from scratch over 6 hours to compete with our 20L kitset in a bucket.

Medicated contact lenses

Dr Mark Byrne of Auburn University is part of a team that reckons it's cracked the secret of a medicated contact lens. No more eyedrops running down your face; these lenses slowly release a controlled dose of medication while they're being worn.