Tech news: first infringement notices

The first infringement notices have been fired off to the big internet service providers under the new Copyright Amendment Act. So what should you do if you get one? With Paul Brislen, the chief executive of TUANZ, and technology correspondent Peter Griffin.

Home Brewing 3: kitset brew day

It's home brew day with Yeastie Boy, Stu McKinlay. We're making a classic pale ale from a starter kit. Then the plan's to make one from Stu's all-grain 'mash', and blind test both versions to see how they stack up.

Japan: changing demographics

Justin McCurry beams in from Japan where the country's flagging birthrate is forcing employers to get more creative, and changing demographics mean that making porn for seniors is becoming big business.

Hearing aid funding

The funding options available for hearing aids - from government subsidies to full funding. With Janet Houghton, President of the NZ Audiological Society and Sue Smith, the General Manager of accessable.

Naked Science

More naked science with Dr Chris Smith. This week, the secrets of a good suntan, and why storms in Asia are getting stronger and more likely to hit land.