Salty shake-up

It's an ingredient every kitchen has... we're shaking it down with salt. Julie Clark of Floriditas on the difference between rock, flaky and table salts.

Cyber security

Every week it seems there's another high profile organisation getting attacked by renegade groups with names like Anonymous or Lulzsec. So what's going on? Are there more hacker attacks or are they just getting more coverage? With global cyber security expert Rafal Rohozinski.

Electric car sounds

The electric car is on its way, but will you hear it coming? They're so quiet that for safety reasons the auto industry has to give them artificial noises. Professor Paul Jennings of Warwick University is trying to decide what the cars of the future will sound like.

UK news

London cabbies are worrying about the state of the traffic more than a year out from the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Plus the Incredible Case of the Shrinking Shopping Trolley; loads of products from bars of chocolate to bars of soap are getting smaller. With Chris Parkin.

Tech news: Facebook, smartphones

Paul Brislen, our tech correspondent, on: a decline in the number of Facebook users in the US and the UK; BBC's media player the iPlayer goes global and; Iceland's using a wiki to encourage its citizens to have an input in their new constitution.

Question Box

Bringing the power of the internet search engine to people without access to computers. We're speaking to Question Box's founder Rose Shuman.

World's hottest chilli

Australian sauce-maker Alex de Wit claims to be growing the hottest chilli in the world, the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.