Cockroach healing

The healing powers of cockroaches; yes, cockroaches! Scientists are making some amazing discoveries about powerful anti-bacterial molecules inside the cockroach's tiny brain. With Dr Naveed Khan of Aga Khan University in Pakistan.


In the US tens of thousands of people are dying from prescription drug overdoses every year. Ed Pilkington of the Guardian's been to Florida where some doctors have turned pill-pushers, work for drug gangs, and earn a cool US$25,000 a day!

Deal-a-day websites

Rakesh 'Rocky' Agrawal is a product and marketing strategist who sees problems ahead for the deal-a-day website. We look at the economics of how these websites work, and find out who wins and who loses, and whether they can be sustainable.

Periodic Tales

Hugh Aldersey-Williams is the author of 'Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements'. It's a compendium of stories about the elements that surround us.

Chicken plucking

Food technologist Torben Sorensen of Sorensen Laboratories on how chickens get plucked on a large scale, commercial production line.

Beer scene

We're looking at the local beer scene with beer buff Martin Craig of The big mass-produced brands still dominate the landscape but the number of small, craft breweries and independent ale houses is growing fast.