China: Gold farming and smoking ban

Malcolm Moore in China where there's a smoking ban but no real penalties. So as you can imagine it's not really working! Plus prisoners are being made to play computer games.

Fish fraud

Beth Lowell of Oceana. It's a not-for-profit ocean advocacy group that's just published a report suggesting that up to 70 percent of some fish species sold in US restaurants and supermarkets have been swapped for something else, often cheaper fillets.

The Sandwich - a global history

Bee Wilson's a food historian who's just written 'Sandwich: A Global History'.

Foraging: fuchsias

We're foraging for fuchsias with Johanna Knox. The flowers are OK but the berries are really tasty!


One in four hackers in America is working for the FBI! That's according to an investigation by Ed Pilkington of the Guardian Newspaper.

Digital remembrance

David Quiring of Quiring Monuments in Seattle is a funeral director using QR codes to offer his clients a new way to remember their loved ones.

Vertical streets

The hanging gardens of...Melbourne? A new 35-storey apartment block is about to go up with big gardens on every sixth floor with 10 metre tall trees, lawns and maybe even a few veggie plots! Robert Caulfield of CK Designworks is the architect of the project.