Train doctor

Elsdon Arnold is a model train collector based in Manawatu. But he doesn't just collect Hornby trains. He also builds his own scale models and fixes other people's when they're broken.

Kaimoana: Surf Clams

There are lots of different surf clams here in New Zealand- trough clams, moonshell clams, diamond-shell clams and of course tuatuas, to name just a few. With Rachel Taulelei of Yellow Brick Road.

Speech analysis

With US pro sports being a multi-billion dollar business, teams don't want to make a bad call and select the wrong young player. Now Roger Hall of Achievement Metrics says it can analyse a young player's speech to predict their athletic ability.

Tech news: cellphone study and Google Wallet

Peter Griffin on Google's plans to relieve you of your wallet. Plus a new study on the potential dangers of cellphone use comes out with some pretty ambiguous findings.

Food questions: Chocolate

Two chocolate-related questions; why adding water to melted chocolate makes it seize up. And what's that whiteish residue that's on some chocolate when you open it? With food scientist Torben Sorensen.

Video game ratings

How video games get an age rating. You can play them for weeks without progressing through every level of the game. So how can the censors be sure they've seen all the potentially dodgy stuff? With Seth Schiesel of the New York Times and Nic McCully and Danny Wolters from the Office of Film and Literature Classification.