Tech: new copyright law

Tech commentators Paul Brislen and Peter Griffin talk about recent changes to New Zealand's copyright law.

Honeybee highway

Chris Parkin beams in from the UK where there are plans to get more pollination happening in the countryside with dedicated green highways for honeybees. Plus street party plans for the Royal Wedding heat up.

Spices: Star Anise

Star anise has been loved by Chinese cooks for millenia, and these days it's infusing its way into global cuisine. Alison Sandle with more.

Pests: cockroaches

We exterminate a German cockroach infestation with pest controller Paul Chapman, and entomologist Allen Heath dances la cucaracha.

Elevator giving

New research shows people are more likely to act kindly if they've just gone up some stairs or an escalator! Larry Sanna of the Department of Psychology at the University of North Carolina led the study.

Biodegradeable golf balls

Professor David Neivandt's working on a new type of biodegradeable golf ball made from lobster shells. It's never been so environmentally sound to have a rotten golf swing!