The creamy emulsion that's great with a cheese and tomato sandwich. We're making mayonnaise with Maggie Forest.

Musty smells

The musty smell of old books is somehow strangely reassuring. But Dr Lorraine Gibson of Strathclyde University thinks it could be an early warning signal that something's up. She's aiming to stop the rot with her portable electronic sniffer.

Madhur Jaffrey

Actress and best-selling author Madhur Jaffrey has been one of the most influential people in taking Indian cookery to a global audience.

Lost shipping containers

Andrew DeVogelaere is studying what the thousands of shipping containers that fall overboard every year are doing to the environment.

Gaming news: Wii2?

The big news from the world of computer gaming with Keith Stuart and rumours that the games giant Nintendo is launching a new version of its revolutionary Wii gaming console.

Freezing cream

Why can't you whip cream after you've frozen it and is there anything you can do at home to solve the problem? Matt Golding of Massey with the answers.

Apps review: Food

We review some apps - little bits of application software for your smartphone or PC- with a food-related flavour with apps designer Sam Jarman.