New Zealand's about to experience its first ever 'carrotmob' at a Wellington cafe. Connie Nisbet and Ben Gleisner are two of the people behind the event.

China: billboards and military pigeons

Malcolm Moore on a Beijing ban on some billboards advertising luxury goods. Plus China's military turns to carrier pigeons as a backup communications system.

Watery chicken?

Why is water seeping out of Martin's chicken when he cooks it? Food technologist Torben Sorensen on the chances that it could be being injected with water.

Self-chilling cans

Professor Roland Clift from the University of Surrey is involved in developing a self-chilling can.

Game butcher: deer

Game butcher Darren Meates shows us some of the finer points of butchering a stag.

Foraging: purslane

More free food with our friendly forager Johanna Knox. Purslane's a succulent that's one of the richest plant sources of omega-3.