Pests: Bed bugs

We pull back the covers on the bedbug with pest controller Paul Chapman and entomologist Allen Heath.

Cyber espionage

Your modern day spook is more likely to be found hunched over a keyboard in a dark room than at a cocktail party wearing a false moustache! Rafal Rohozinski is studying how the world's governments are spying on each other online.

Penalty kicks

Greg Wood's a psychologist at Exeter University who's been studying what penalty-takers can do to increase their chances.

India: Yoga protection

The Indian government's creating a database of every single yoga pose to protect the ancient art from foreign imitators. Jason Burke reports from Delhi.

3D TVs

Peter Griffin test drives a new, flat screen 3D-TV. It's the latest in TV technology so how do they work, are they any good, and is now the right time to buy one?


Brad Howlett's a pollination expert with Plant and Food who's working on a project to restore the short-haired bumblebee to the UK where it's become extinct. But now the bees have all died so what went wrong?

World Cup: ticket sales and vuvuzelas

The latest on ticket sales and why foreign fans have been staying away. Plus the vuvuzela- it's the African horn you'll be hearing a lot of through the tournament! With Ned Boulting.