Speed Monopoly

Dan Myers thinks he's found a way to finish a game of Monopoly in 21 seconds flat!

Spices: Cinnamon

Loads of the cinnamon we're buying here isn't true cinnamon but cassia. So does it really matter and how can you tell the difference?

Coffee storage

Sharon Fowler's a listener in Lithuania who wants to know what the best way is to store her coffee. There's lots of conflicting advice out there...so should she go fridge, cupboard or freezer?

Tech news: Bebo and E3

Bill Thompson beams in with news of AOL's sale of the social networking site Bebo plus the latest in video gaming technology from this week's E3 conference in Los Angeles.

Foraging: fennel

We're foraging for a free feed of fennel with Johanna Knox. To be fair it's not something you have to hunt around too hard for!

The Supermarket Guru

Phil Lempert on how to save money on your food bills and what the supermarkets of the future are going to look like.

Caffeine withdrawal

Peter Rogers of Bristol University has led a new study on the ability of caffeine to kickstart your day.

Mekong River Part 1

We start a 5-part odyssey down the 5,000 kilometre course of the Mekong River in the company of NPR's Southeast Asia correspondent, Michael Sullivan.