Flies in urinals

Fly transfers stuck onto mens' urinals are a bit of behavioural science designed to promote better aim. But why a fly? Entomologist Allen Heath reports.

Telepresence robots

Now you can log into a workplace robot from home and use a remote controller to whizz around bugging your work-mates. Steve Cousins the CEO of Willow Garage is using this technology today.

Toastie pioneer

New Zealander Frazier Graveson had the challenge of selling some of the first electric sandwich toasters in Asia.

DEET-resistant mozzies

DEET's a great repellent for mosquitoes, but no one's really ever understood how it works. Researcher James Logan's trying to change that.


Building computer games from Scratch, a cool piece of software that means you don't need to know a thing about programming or computer code!

Tech news: Digital books

Bill Thompson on continuing battles over the ebook format.

Bumpology: taste and mum-nesia

Bumpologist Linda Geddes of the New Scientist with more of the myths and science of pregnancy.