What's in our margarine?

We're lifting the lid on margarine to see what's in the stuff with Jennifer Moss of Unilever, the makers of Flora margarine.

Pests: Rats

With the weather getting colder rats are heading inside to nice warm lofts and houses. Pest controller Paul Chapman has some tips on how to keep them out of your home.

Norway: The Russ

The Russ is a traditional party time for graduating high school students in Norway. They cruise around in pimped up coaches dressed in multi-coloured boiler suits wearing peaked caps. Jorn Tomter's a photographer who's been watching the event for 5 years.

Rugby World Cup tickets

Tickets for the 2011 Rugby World Cup started going on sale last month to the general public. So how easy will it be to buy a few extra tickets and sell them on for a profit? We check out the fine print with consumer lawyer Bill Bevan.

Tech news: mobile termination rates

Peter Griffin on the government's plan to regulate mobile phone termination rates. Could the threat of regulation mean cheaper calls and increased competition?

Turning chicken poo into power

John Logan's a chicken farmer based in the US who's perfected a way of turning chicken poo into power and fertiliser.

Mobile phones in Africa

Cell phone use has exploded in Africa over the past decade. Jenny Aker's looking at the way this is transforming the way people do business and buy goods and services.