Dodgy Frenchmen

French correspondent Charles Bremner on a fare dodging scam on the Paris Metro, Air France's 'fat tax' and the trend of slimming cream for men.

Foraging: pine

Foraging for free food with Johanna Knox. This week, pine, the edible tree that produces nuts and even makes a lovely cup of tea.

Bumpology baby science: Part 1

New Scientist writer Linda Geddes on the different stages of her first pregnancy; from old wive's tales to scientific research. This week; gender, food cravings and the effects of stress.

Laughing gas

NPR's Robert Krulwhich on the strange scientific origins of laughing gas.

Bits and bytes: Books and music

Technology correspondent Bill Thompson on Apple and the changing model of online music storage, Google's foray into digital books and the demise of the floppy disk.

North Korean Restaurants

Journalist Sebastian Strangio reports on the phenomenon of Pyongyang, a chain of restaurants run by the North Korean government with a menu including food and dancing girls.

Food Culture in the Pacific

Dr Roger Haden, author of 'Food Culture in the Pacific Islands' on the foods and styles which have developed across the region from fermented taro to the advent of the umu.