Japan: Hostess rights

Modern day geishas are fighting for fairer working conditions in Japan. David McNeill reports.

Interphone cellphone study

The findings of the 10-year-long Interphone study into the potential link between cellphone use and cancer are inconclusive. Nathaniel Rich has written about the issue for Harpers magazine.

Black carrot juice

A listener food question: why are black carrots being used in our drinks? Professor Julian Heyes of Massey University knows.

Keen as mustard

A new series with Maggie Forest looking at the world's most popular sauces and condiments. This week, mustard.

Social gaming

Social games- a cross between social networking and computer gaming- are being used by millions worldwide. We speak to Nick Parfene who's using them to get real-time transport information. Hayden Green, Robyn Gallagher and Matt Troughton are Four Square fans- it awards people points for going out. Finally, Ariel Hauter of Armchair Revolutionary wants social gaming to save the world.

Bumpology: Hi-tech scanning

The science of pregancy with Linda Geddes of the New Scientist. This week, how the latest scanning technology is contributing to a better understanding of breastfeeding and the baby's movements in the womb.