Lactose intolerance

Professor Mark Thomas from University College London's been studying when and how humans developed the ability to digest lactose, one of the main sugars found in milk.

Selenium and Vitamin B12

How do you know your brazil nuts have good selenium levels? Plus Vitamin B12 - why do we need it and what's the best way to get it? Nutritionist Jennifer Bowden has the answers.

Tech news: UK digital laws and election

Bits and bytes from the world of technology with Bill Thompson. The UK Digital Economy Bill becomes law and with a general election looming on May 6th how will the parties be using technology to win votes?

Amazon vs Canada

Andrew Clark's been looking at the stand the Canadian government and booksellers are taking against the giant online bookseller Amazon.

Vietnam: texting on mopeds

Intrepid texters are taking their lives in their hands in Vietnam as they text on bikes and mopeds in heavy traffic. NPR's Michael Sullivan reports.

iPad teardown

Luke Soules queued up for ages to get one of Apple's new iPads and then immediately trashed it! Luke's a teardown specialist who takes the latest gadgets apart for an audience of geeks, DIY repairers and investors.

Social media- good for consumers?

How businesses are using social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with their customers and deal with consumer complaints. With Darren Barefoot and Jonathan Dodd.

Japanese women getting slimmer

Unlike the situation in the rest of the developed world, Japanese women are actually getting slimmer! Blaine Harden's been finding out why.