Mexico: charity pawn chain

Bill Booth lives in Mexico where the Mountain of Pity, a national pawnbroking chain that's run like a charity, has lent nearly 2 billion dollars.

Foraging: coprosma

Foraging for free sweet treats with Johanna Knox. Coprosma has a tasty yellowy orange berry, but watch out for seeds!

Corned Beef

Listener Don asks what the reddish liquid is you find left over in a packet of corned beef. Torben Sorensen is a food technologist who knows the answer.

Driver distraction: electronic billboards

With more digital signage going up every day, flat screen technology's coming to a billboard near you. Matt Richtel on the debate over how distracting this will be for drivers.

Priceless: what's a fair price?

William Poundstone's the author of 'Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value'. Pricing psychology and the way shoppers are being manipulated over the price they pay.

Tech news: Powershop and mobile phone rates

Tech correspondent Peter Griffin with an update on the online energy retailer, Powershop. Plus dropping call and text rates point to increased competition in the mobile phone market.