Nuts: the coconut

We crack open the coconut with Alison Sandle.

Mineral collecting

We visit Ian Godfrey and some of the other rockhounds at a local rock and mineral club.

Jamaica: chicken pill diet

The Kitchen Sisters and NPR explore a strange and potentially dangerous Jamaican dieting trend. To get more curvy, women are taking nutritional supplements normally used by farmers to grow bigger chickens!

Tech news: Google and ACTA

Bill Thompson beams in with the latest tech news and this week Google versus China. Plus global anti-counterfeiting talks come to New Zealand next month.

What happens to our milk?

Listener Heather want to know more about our milk- what goes into it, what gets taken out, and can humans drink rat milk?! Dairy expert Dr Alistair Carr from Massey University has the answers.

Wireless access

Vinny Kumar's leading a team of local inventors who've come up with a neat way to distribute information wirelessly using existing FM and AM radio networks.

India: Autorickshaws, coffee culture

Jason Burke lives in Delhi in India where city authorities are trying to take the capital's 80,000 auto-rickshaws off the streets. Plus what social changes and the arrival of the big coffee chains are meaning for the local coffee house scene.