XT contracts

Can you get out of your cellphone contract with Telecom as a home or business user? Our technology correspondent Peter Griffin and consumer law expert Bill Bevan have the answers.

Food additive

Everything from toothpaste to ice cream, stuffed olives, and corned beef contains seaweed. We head to the supermarket with scientist Wendy Nelson to find out why.


Paul Harris of the Guardian's been examining the"prepper"movement in the US. People are busy preparing for whatever form of Armageddon they believe in.

Project Canvas

Project Canvas is a proposed new UK standard for getting TV over the internet really happening. Steve Plunkett's been looking at what it offers.

Toy fair

Games buff Tim Walsh looks at some of the 100,000 toys and games on display at the 107th American International Toy Fair in New York .

Nuts: pecans

The pecan with Alison Sandle.