Spam texts

Spam messages sent to cellphones are on the rise. Keith Manch of the Department of Internal Affairs and Paul Brislen of Vodafone on the size of the spam text problem in New Zealand, and what mobile users can do about it.

Texting sharks

The sharks sending texts you really do want to get! Shark expert Barry Bruce is setting up a real-time shark detection system relying on tracking tags and text messaging in Australia.

The Astronaut's Cookbook

Preparing food in space is a real challenge. Greg Vogt's a veteran of the US space programme who's just written a cookbook to help you make space food at home.

Tech news: Future mobiles

Bill Thompson beams in with the latest from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, plus why cyber-protesters are targetting some Australian government websites.

Kosher food and CSA fish

In the US, the Community Supported Agriculture movement is expanding to include fish. Plus kosher food sales to the non-Jewish community are on the rise. So what's driving demand? Sarah di Gregorio reports.

Mushroom growing

We visit commercial mushroom grower Clive Thompson of Parkvale Mushrooms in the Wairarapa.