Future books

Clare Alexander's a literary agent and was editor-in-chief at the publisher Macmillan. We're talking about the future of book publishing and the industry's hopes of dodging the difficulties faced by the music industry in the digital age.

Home-kill meat

Most of the meat we buy in the supermarket is neatly wrapped and sanitised, not a speck of blood in sight. Bruce Harkness has been home-killing and butchering sheep for years.

Beijing bicycles

China's turning back to the bicycle. It's trying to avoid the traffic and pollution problems caused by the one million new cars hitting the roads there every month. Jonathan Watts reports.

Coin toss

There's more evidence that calling head or tails is not as fair as we might think. Matthew Clark's been studying how humans can influence the outcome through skill and training.

Mumbai tiffin-wallahs

Every day some 170,000 lunches are collected from homes in Mumbai, delivered to workplaces then everything gets taken back home. Meena Kadri's been looking at this daily miracle.

Bedroom industry

Dvice's Wendy Lee examines how technology's changing what toys and devices people are playing with in the bedroom.