In-car internet

Tech companies and US auto-makers are about to offer drivers internet access via their dashboards. Matt Richtel on the move that's angering safety advocates.

Crow problem

NPR's Louisa Lim on the radical steps the city authorities in Tokyo are taking to eradicate the city's crow population.

History of curry

Food historian Colleen Taylor Sen's just written a global history of curry.

Golf cart city

David Kushner's just been to one of the world's biggest retirement villages in Florida to check out the residents' pimped out golf carts.

Foraging: kawakawa

Foraging for more free food with Johanna Knox. This week, kawakawa. It comes from the pepper family, you can brush your teeth with even stops smelly feet!

Ethiopian land deal

The Ethiopian government's trying to lease millions of hectares of the country's agricultural land to overseas investors. Xan Rice reports.

Cellphone photo classes

Phil Hibberd's offering the first mobile phone photography course in the UK.