Sense of direction

Is technology like the in-car GPS unit destroying our natural sense of direction? Alex Hutchinson on Inuit hunters in the Arctic, London taxi drivers, and the team of Canadian neuroscientists working with people with absolutely no sense of direction.

iPad review

Our technology correspondent Bill Thompson gives his assessment of Apple's new tablet computer, the iPad.


The ancient Romans and popes over the ages have loved pinenuts, but why are they so expensive? Alison Sandle explains.

Japan: silver athletes and paper planes

An origami master's perfecting a paper plane that can break the 30 second flight barrier. Plus the over-65s taking over Japan's parks and playgrounds. Justin McCurry reports.

Makeover magic

Sonia Yee meets image consultant Trudi Bennett who tells her clients what clothes, colours and styles they should wear...and avoid!

Coin toss

You'd expect the odds of throwing heads or tails to be exactly 50:50 but they're not, according to statistics professor Susan Holmes.

LA gang tour

Enterprising former gang members are offering the first ever gang tour of Los Angeles. We head along for with Madeleine Brand of NPR on the inaugural coach trip.


Bob Rist is the inventor of the Dynalifter: a helium-filled cross between an airship and a aeroplane.