Has cooking made us human?

Anthropologist and primatologist Richard Wrangham reckons cooking our food has been the single most important factor in mankind's evolution, shaping the size of our brains, teeth and gut...and our inter-personal relationships.

Brie vs Camembert

What's the difference between most New Zealand-produced camembert and brie? The answer might surprise you! With Jenna Russell, Brett Charlton and cheesemonger Martin Aspinwall.

Tech review

Peter Griffin and Bill Thompson have their top tech picks of 2009 and what'll be big in 2010.

iPlot: Compost

We finally make our compost pile! After a month spent gathering the right organic matter Colin Walker shows us how to build a killer compost heap from scratch.


Ladybird breeder Terril Marais on where to find them and how to attract them to your garden.