David Bainbridge is the Clinical Veterinary Anatomist at Cambridge University. But he also studies the human species in his latest book"Teenagers: A natural history".

What's in surimi?

We find out what's really in surimi or crab sticks and how this fishy substance is made. Food technologist Torben Sorensen's a veteran of the surimi industry.

Tech news: browsing browsers

Bill Thompson on why more than 100 million Microsoft users have to choose which internet browser they want to use.

French cafe decline

A fast food chain selling 'halal burgers' has felt the wrath of the anti-Islamic lobby in France. Plus more news on the sad demise of the good old French cafe. Charles Bremner reports.

Foraging: nasturtiums

Foraging for Nasturtiums with Johanna Knox. The leaves are peppery, the flowers are sweet and there's heaps of it about all year round.

Insect repellents

Why do some people attract mosquitoes and sandflies more than others? Uli Bernier is working on an insect repellent to replace DEET.

Syrian food tourism

Aleppo in Syria is an ancient city that's reinventing itself as a hot culinary tourism destination of today. NPR's Deborah Amos joins the visitors.