The modern bra's an amazing piece of engineering. We're looking at the history of the brassiere with historian Dr Caroline Daley, and the aesthetics of the push-up bra with curator Alison McCann. Plus Carol Rashleigh of Bendon says women's bras are getting bigger!

Model railways

Sonia Yee steams in to the world of model train collectors, meeting fans and enthusiasts at a recent exhibition.

Personal Video Recorders

Peter Griffin reviews the latest personal video recorders or PVRs. So what are the things you need to consider if you're choosing between TiVo, MySky and MyFreeview?

Blindtasting wine

Neuroscience buff Robin Goldstein's testing how our expectations shape our experience of foods and drinks. He's blind tasted 6,000 glasses of wine and shown many people prefer cheap wine to far more expensive vintages.

Sabbath-friendly elevators

We're off to Israel with NPR's Peter Kenyon, where an elevator's annoying the religious authorities.